Series Information
Reading Boat is a three-level reading series for young learners of English. In each book, carefully graded reading passages are supported by a variety of exercises. By completing these exercises, students build vocabulary, extend grammatical knowledge, and progressively consolidate their reading skills. To make this easier, the authors have created fun, same-ages characters who lead each passage and capture the imagination of young learners. Thus, students maintain interest in the series from the first to the last passages. Reading Boat also provides an easy-to-follow lesson format which enables students to actively take part in the reading and thinking process.

Key Features

  • A memorable & interesting family of characters
  • Exciting passages with warm feelings & humor
  • Cumulative vocabulary & reading skill practice
  • Vivid illustrations to spark learners' imagination
  • A concise grammar chart in each unit
  • A systematic lesson process
  • A picture dictionary featured in each book
  • Accompanying audio recordings
  • Fun comics


  • Student Book (1~3)
    Including Audio CD
  • Workbook (1~3)
  • Teacher's Manual