Series Information
Speed Phonics is a three-level series for young learners who are learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). Designed by EFL specialists, Speed Phonics uses a quick and concise approach to introduce the basic phonics skills. Speed Phonics will help students develop the necessary tools for reading and writing.

Key Features

  • Carefully designed step-by-step approach
  • Various fun and engaging activities
  • Cumulative review exercises
  • Phonics stories and chants with sight words
  • Entertaining comics and game boards
  • Photos and colorful illustrations
  • Progress tests
  • Digital CD with extra activities and animated stories and chants
  • Online support for students and teachers


  • Student Book 1-3
    Including workbook, audio CD, digital CD, and flashcards
  • Teacher's Manual 1-3
    Including teacher resource CD
  • Speed Phonics Online
    LCMS (Learning Contents Management System)
    Interactive e-book for classroom use
    Additional activities and assessments
  • Speed Phonics App
    Review exercises
    Word games
    Animated stories and chants