Series Information
EFL Phonics, the bestselling phonics series now in its third edition, is an easy-to-teach five level series for elementary school students who are learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). With the same outstanding core content as before, great new features have been added. These new features will allow children to learn the basics of phonics more effectively and enable them to build confidence in reading while having fun.

Key Features

  • Carefully designed step-by-step approach
  • A variety of fun activities
  • NEW Enriched listening and articulation exercises
  • NEW Phonics stories and chants with sight words
  • NEW Entertaining games and flashcards
  • NEW Photos and colorful illustrations
  • NEW Online support for students and teachers
  • NEW Digital CD featuring:
    - audio tracks
    - extra activities
    - animated stories and chants


  • Student Book 1~5
    (Including Workbook, Digital CD, Audio CD, and Flashcards)
  • Teacher's Manual 1~5
    (Including Teacher Resource CD)
  • EFL Phonics Online
    LCMS (Learning Contents Management System)
    Interactive e-book for Classroom Use
    Additional Activities and Assessments