Series Information
Reading Bike is a fun and engaging three-level reading series for young learners who have just started to read in English. This series will help beginning readers build up their reading comprehension skills through enjoyable, subject-related fiction passages. Each passage is accompanied by meaningful activities to assist in comprehension as well as build vocabulary and structural knowledge. The enjoyable and simple-to-follow lessons in Reading Bike make reading comprehension fun for both teachers and learners.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-follow lessons
  • Fun and enjoyable reading passages (30~50 words)
  • A variety of engaging activities
  • Cumulative unit reviews
  • Captivating illustrations and photographs
  • Online support for students and teachers


  • Student Book 1~3
    (Workbook & Audio CD included)
  • Teacher's Manual 1~3
    (Teacher Resource CD included)
  • Reading Bike Online
    LCMS (Learning Content Management System)
    Interactive e-Book for Classroom Use